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Casket rewards

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casketRare1 =

Ring of nature
3rd age bow
3rd age wand


casketRare2 =

3rd age pickaxe
3rd age longsword
Ring of blood money


casketRare3 =     

Ankou mask
Ankou top
Ankou gloves
Ankou leggings
Ankou socks
3rd age cloak
3rd age axe


casketNormal1 =
Full bronze (g)
Full bronze (t)
Full iron (t)
Full iron (g)
Full steel (g)
Full steel (t)
Highwayman mask.
Black wizard (t)
Black wizard (g)
Studded (g)
Studded (t)
Black helm (h)
Black shield (h)
Elegant black
Elegant white
Elegant red
Elegant blue
Elegant green
Imp mask & goblin mask
Wooden shield
Cabbage round shield
Bandos d'hide
Metal dragon masks
Light tuxedo
Obsidian cape (r)
Bucket helm
Sleeping cap
Bandos robes
Ancient robes


casketNormal2 =
Elegant purple
Elegant pink
Elegant gold
Bob's shirts
Powdered wig
Amulet of magic (t)
Armadyl robes
Large spade
Mithril (g)
Mithril (t)
Holy sandals
Boater set.
Green d'hide (g)
Green d'hide (t)
Adamant helm (h)
Adamant shield (h)
Strength amulet (t)
Cat mask
Penguin mask
Crier set
Lemprechaun hat
Unicorn mask
Bucket helm (g)
Kourend house banners
Clueless scroll
Dragon cane
Demon masks
Musketeer set
Cow set


casketNormal3 =
Full bandos rune
Gilded med helm, boots, chainbody, sq shield, spear, hasta
Rune helm (h)
Rune shield (h)
Pirate hat.
Cavalier set.
Blue d'hide (g)
Blue d'hide (t)
Red d'hide (g)
Red d'hide (t)
Amulet of glory (t)
God d'hide boots
Ancient d'hide
Dragon mask
Full adamant (t)
Full adamant (g)
Pith helmet
Explorer backpack
Zombie head
Cyclops head
Dark tuxedo
Sagacious spectacles
Big pirate hat
Kourend house scarves
Blacksmith's helm
Holy wraps
Heavy casket
Kourend house hoods
Robes of darkness
Left eye patch
Fancy tiara
Half moon spectacles
Ale of the gods
Bowl wig

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