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ice strykewyrms (money making guide) !!!

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Hello guys  im back with new money making guide 

this one is the best for me:classic_wink:

❤️ice strykewyrms❤️

how to get ther :




(1)*mage is the most effective way to kill them

(2)*pray mage vs them

(3)*Use rune pouch (costs 20k from bm shop), to save inventory spots

(4)*danger its deep wild

(5)**Get soul runes for free from the magic shop for blood barrage to heal



Recommended Gear Setup with no risk:


image.png.324207bbf8b5f011abb81e761b0dbce3.png       image.png.c996f0ac40388b9507609fc49dd340dc.png         





some nice drops ❤️





il hope u will use it guys 

and gl

let me know what guid u wana see next :) !!!!!

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tnx man ❤️  but i need know what kinda guids do lul 

please gusy leave comment what guids u need  or want so see here :)

i hope hard work will pay off and some1 will use these guids

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