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ring of wealt (I) guide !!!!

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       How to Craft and enchant a Ring of Wealth       


Hi, and welcome to my guide on how to make a ring of wealth. I hope this is clear and will help you if you're stuck at all. Any questions, PM me on here or in game (earl).

Ring of wealth bonuses:

1% Rare drop bonus for standard ring of wealth.

3% Rare drop bonus for Imbued ring of wealth.

Imbued ring of wealth auto pick blood money drop


Level 55 Crafting

Level 67 Magic

Items needed: 

1 x Ring Mould

1 x Uncut Dragonstone

1 x Gold Bar

1 x Chisel

15 x Water and Earth runes

1 x Cosmic rune

Step 1, Gathering Materials: 

First off, open up your magic tab, click on any teleport icon and tele to 'Entrana Skilling Zone.




Once you are there, run west to the bank and find the 'Shop assistant' and open up the skilling shop.




Buy a Chisel, Uncut Dragonstone, a Ring Mould and a Gold Bar




Step 2, Making the Ring:

Use your Chisel with the Uncut Dragonstone to recieve a Cut Dragonstone.


Open up the magic tab again, and click on a teleport. This time teleport to 'Dwarven Mine


Once there, run East to the furnace and use your Gold Bar on it




An interface will pop up, providing you have a cut Dragonstone and ring mould in your inventory, right click on 'Rings' and select Dragonstone from the drop down menu. You will Craft a Dragonstone ring.


Step 3, Enchanting your Dragonstone ring:

Now you have your ring, you will need 15 Water runes, 15 Earth runes and 1 Cosmic rune.


Click 'Lvl - 5 Enchant' spell in your magic tab, then click on the Dragonstone ring.


Note: These runes can be obtained buy teleporting to ::shops and right clicking 'Horvik' and opening up the 'Magic shop'


Congratulations, You have made a Ring of Wealth.


PS: To imbue your ring of wealth buy a 'Ring of Wealth scroll' from the blood money untradeables shop and use it on your ring of wealth to receive a 'Ring of Wealth(i)'



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