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skotizo-guide (pvp)

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*The skotizo  currently spawns at 4 different locations. 

*The time of it's spawn can be found by typing ing (::event).

*or it will be broadcasted in general chat





*north of revenants-Quickest teleport is ::revs and run north!!!




*north of lava dragons - quickest teleport is ::lavadragons and then run north




*south and west of mage bank quickest telport ::mb



*here is the boss.

*while u killing it need pray anti mage.

*he drop (mini blood key).



i'l hope it will help you guys :)

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Nice! useful! 


DISCLAIMER - Careful with these as Earl/0   7 likes to camp the spawns and or wait for you to almost kill skotizo to swipe your loot! 


He's even made it easier for himself by making it easier for you!

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