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Hello, I was thinking that we needed a starter guide, and this is the path I think is the best one to take.

This is my first guide so i'm sorry if its not that good, leave a reply if theres anything I should change


1: create an account and vote on it, by typing ::vote 



2: write in your account name and continue with the voting



     pvm path


         1: go to the quest tab and press quick setup, go with (126 tribrid)



2: go to the blood money merchant at ::shops and purchase a Trident of the swamp.





3: equip it and remove everything in your inventory except the blood money, and get 3 magic potions and the rest should be super restore. so 2k blood money 3 magic potions, can find them in your bank, and the rest super restore.



4: make a preset with it. go to quest tab - quick setup - and make a new preset and name it - update it.



5: go to teleport tab - safe bosses - and find Kraken -public room




6: You will arrive to the Kraken room, disturb all the small whirlpools then the big one - he can only attack with magic so use protect from magic and Mystic Might






And now you can semi afk, dont forget to drink potions every now and then, and the drops is 




pvm path nr2



 1: go to the quest tab and press quick setup, go with (126 tribrid)




take evrythink out, pick blood barrage runes,10sara brews,10super restore,and 2 super magic pots,and 3sharks


type ::44s and run west and u will see ice strykewyrm pray anti mage!!! 

dont forget its deep wild 







good luck !!!!!




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