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Corporeal Beast *Guide*

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In this guide I will go over the following Instructions:

1. Gear Setups

2. Inventory space

3. Noteable drops

4. Written example of gear 

5. How to kill corp


Gear Setups:


Solo gear:


Max off task:


The reason you bring karil's here over Armadyl is because Karil's is only 10 less magic defence than Armadyl

and doesn't reduce stab bonus like armadyl does.




This is the inventory I personally use, you can remove some shark for karambwans for more 1 tick eating options.

Vengeance should be brought with any gear setup either in a rune pouch or as runes


Noteable drops


Written example of gear

Helm: Slayer helm (On task)>Void melee>Serpentine (Off task)>Nezzy (Off task)

Neck: Amulet of torture>Amulet of fury>Amulet of glory

Cape: Infernal cape>Ardounge cloak 4 (Untradeables shop)>Firecape (OR ANY OF THE MAX CAPE VERSIONS OF THEM)

Torso: Bandos chestplate (On task)>Fighter torso (On task)>Elite void top>Bandos chestplate (Off task)>Fighter torso (Off task)

Legs: Bandos tassets (On task)>Elite void robe>Bandos tassets (Off task)>Veracs plateskirt/any barrows legs

Boots: Primoridal>Dragon>Rune

Gloves: Barrows gloves (On task)>Void knight gloves>Barrows gloves (Off task)

Ring: Berserker ring (i)/Tresonous Ring>Berserker ring>Ring of wealth (i)>Ring of wealth

Weapon: Zamoraikian spear

Spec: There's no real order here, you're going to want Dragon war hammer you can also bring>Bandos Godsword 

too lower the defence of corporeal beast to get an easier kill


How to kill Corporeal Beast

Pot up in the waiting room outside of Corp and make sure you have a veng up

Turn on protect from magic when ready and enter the cave

Corp is an aggressive boss and will start attacking you


When working as a team you all should try to spread out around the Corp as much as possible; 

this will cause corp to spin more regularly and can slightly slow down his attacks as well as protect everyone from getting AOE stacked


If you brought a Dragon war hammer/Bandos Godsword use the spec once in trio+ or twice in duo/solos for lowering the defence

Also eat when you get to 650-500 hitpoints to stay safe from the AOE attack as this can deal a lot of damage and die.


There is a chance Corp will spawn a "Dark Core" Ignore this though as I don't think it is coded.

If you are also soloing Corp you may have to bank a couple times for food per kill, this is 100% normal and Corp will not heal if you're not in the room 















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