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    Make sure to vote guys! You can claim rewards from it and it helps us grow! Here is this months top 5 voters below, Purple has been in 5th place for a week with 37 votes.. Make sure if you active to vote guys it means a lot.
  2. syrup


    Update, we finally hit 1k total votes for the month of January, keep it up guys ❤️
  3. syrup

    skotizo-guide (pvp)

    Nice! useful! DISCLAIMER - Careful with these as Earl/0 7 likes to camp the spawns and or wait for you to almost kill skotizo to swipe your loot! He's even made it easier for himself by making it easier for you!
  4. syrup

    That New New

    Yo Yo... Been playing for a day or so now and having some fun, hope to see this come more to life and get some more activities poppin off. Voting as much as I can hope to see all you brothers in game - Syrup