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    That New New

    welcome :)
  2. Veke


    Nice guide @Earl
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    New vid

  4. Veke

    Demon's Introduction

    Welcome and lets have great adventure together.
  5. Veke

    ice strykewyrms (money making guide) !!!

    Nice guide 🙂
  6. Veke


    Good guide GJ
  7. Veke

    ring of wealt (I) guide !!!!

    Didn't know how to make row but now i know 😄 really nice guide good job @Earl
  8. Veke

    skotizo-guide (pvp)

    Good job @Earl really helpfull guide!
  9. Veke

    money making guide-revenants

    Awesome guide, Good work!
  10. Veke

    Veke's Introduction

    Helloo i'm 19 years old from Finland. Active player and helping server with Youtube videos and other small ways. If you need any help remember to pm me ingame or in Discord! Sadly my military service starts in 7th January so i won't be able to plaay that much anymore. I hope everyone has great time here! 🙂
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    Veke's Introduction

    yes ofc 🙂
  12. Veke

    Veke's new pk vid

    Hope you like it 🙂
  13. Veke

    Corporeal Beast *Guide*

    Awesome guide!
  14. Veke

    Veke's Junk

    Ay selling some junk. Dragon claws Justiciar legguards 2x Hood of darkness Katana Cosmetic Elysian Spirit Shield 3rd age Wand Pm me ingame to talk.
  15. Veke

    Blood introduction

    Welcome and hope you have good time here!
  16. Veke

    My Youtube

    Hey! Go check out my Youtube channel 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj6g884GNnpu-cl34mCNZeg?view_as=subscriber