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    Make sure to vote guys! You can claim rewards from it and it helps us grow! Here is this months top 5 voters below, Purple has been in 5th place for a week with 37 votes.. Make sure if you active to vote guys it means a lot.
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    casketRare1 = Ring of nature 3rd age bow 3rd age wand casketRare2 = 3rd age pickaxe 3rd age longsword Ring of blood money casketRare3 = Ankou mask Ankou top Ankou gloves Ankou leggings Ankou socks 3rd age cloak 3rd age axe casketNormal1 = Full bronze (g) Full bronze (t) Full iron (t) Full iron (g) Full steel (g) Full steel (t) Beret Highwayman mask. Beanie Black wizard (t) Black wizard (g) Studded (g) Studded (t) Black helm (h) Black shield (h) Elegant black Elegant white Elegant red Elegant blue Elegant green Imp mask & goblin mask Wooden shield Cabbage round shield Bandos d'hide Metal dragon masks Light tuxedo Obsidian cape (r) Bucket helm Sleeping cap Bandos robes Ancient robes Bloodhound casketNormal2 = Elegant purple Elegant pink Elegant gold Bob's shirts Powdered wig Pantaloons Amulet of magic (t) Armadyl robes Large spade Mithril (g) Mithril (t) Holy sandals Headbands Boater set. Green d'hide (g) Green d'hide (t) Adamant helm (h) Adamant shield (h) Strength amulet (t) Cat mask Penguin mask Crier set Lemprechaun hat Unicorn mask Bucket helm (g) Kourend house banners Clueless scroll Mummy Dragon cane Demon masks Nunchaku Musketeer set Cow set casketNormal3 = Full bandos rune Gilded med helm, boots, chainbody, sq shield, spear, hasta Rune helm (h) Rune shield (h) Pirate hat. Cavalier set. Blue d'hide (g) Blue d'hide (t) Red d'hide (g) Red d'hide (t) Amulet of glory (t) God d'hide boots Ancient d'hide Dragon mask Full adamant (t) Full adamant (g) Pith helmet Explorer backpack Zombie head Cyclops head Dark tuxedo Sagacious spectacles Briefcase Monocle Big pirate hat Katana Afro Kourend house scarves Blacksmith's helm Holy wraps Heavy casket Kourend house hoods Samurai Robes of darkness Left eye patch Fancy tiara Half moon spectacles Ale of the gods Bowl wig
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